GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard - is the world’s leading and highest certification in organic fibers. Similar to the way that certain foods are stamped with an ‘organic’ label, all apparel made in a GOTS-certified factory has been proven to be reach certain standards in every aspect of production. We will go into what those standards are, but the bottom line is that GOTS goes way beyond organic cotton, and it goes way beyond safe working conditions. GOTS, which has been around since 2006, is universally recognized as a way to confirm that an entire supply chain is socially and environmentally responsible. For us, the certification is a huge asset. If our team had to personally investigate each factory we partner with in order to determine if it meets our sustainability standards, it would take ages. Third party certifications, where independent testing companies bring in experts to conduct comprehensive evaluations, are considered to be the highest level of assurance you can achieve. GOTS allows us to place our trust in factories and in turn, provide to our customers a product that caused as little harm as possible in its creation.

Certificate No: CU1028953
Registration No: 1028953